The Actor’s Roadmap – 3 Class Package


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This 3 class package includes:

Building a Character

During this 5 evening workshop we will explore how to build a character, based on identifying the need and public personas of individuals. We will also work on emulating physical specificities to enhance the embodiment of a character. In the meantime, we will pursue our work on improving your emotional fluidity and find the behavior truth moment to moment.

The Actor’s Roadmap: Building a Character

Meisner Acting Workshop

During this 5 evening workshop we will explore how to act moment to moment, behave instead of thinking, following impulses instead of following a scheme. We will have an introduction to Meisner’s tools to improve acting skills : Through the famous repetition exercise, we will work on listening to your partner carefully and letting yourself be changed in a heart beat. This work will also lead us to improve your emotional fluidity, and accept your instincts as gifts.

The Actor’s Roadmap: Meisner Acting Workshop

On-Camera Intensive

In this intensive weekend class, you will discover new facets of your craft, learn new tools and find out what casting directors and audience alike are looking for in your performance. You will find out what makes you unique in your acting and how to present the best of your talent in a way that will capture audiences around the globe!

You will work with a scene partner on a scene that you are assigned before the class begins, to give you time to prepare in your own way to get the most out of the course.

The Actor’s Roadmap: On-Camera Intensive

About The Actor’s Roadmap

Based on the work of Sandford Meisner and Lee Strasberg among others, Lucas helps students to find their way of acting through moments of truth, reconnecting with their emotions, taking the emphasis away from self and focusing on partners on stage. He also teaches how to build characters, from identifying their primal need, to the way they walk. Being an actor is being a creator, giving script pages a soul, a body and emotions. Being an actor is making smart choices. Being an actor is believing in the unbelievable and make the audience believe with you. But, before all, being an actor is playing, having fun, and reconnecting with the inner child that you might have forgotten.