About ELFS Japan

English Language Film School Japan (ELFS Japan) offers training in all aspects of film production, from screenwriting and directing, to producing, sound, and camera. Courses are taught in English, allowing students to improve their film-related communication skills and gain confidence in working with international crews in Japan and overseas.

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Meet the Founder

Rory O'Donnell

Rory O’Donnell

Rory O’Donnell worked in the UK entertainment industry for 25 years, initially as an actor, then a casting director, before spending ten years as course director for Raindance London, the UK’s top provider of short training courses for filmmakers. He is an award-winning filmmaker, with short films he has directed screening in festivals in Europe and North America. His students have included everyone from film professionals looking to broaden their skillsets to inexperienced novices with a passing interest in the subject. Building on this experience, he has developed classes accommodating to all backgrounds and abilities.