RED Raven Camera Tokyo

How Temple Studios is making RED digital cinema cameras accessible to Tokyo filmmakers — Q&A with one of the founders

Leo Liwag is a Tokyo-based multi-disciplinarian filmmaker and co-founder of cinema camera rental service, Temple Studios, which offers RED Raven rental packages at an affordable price point. Raised in California, Liwag has worked in production, visual effects (including on The Force Awakens) and is currently developing his own short film, Connections. I sit down with […]

Matt de Sousa Music Video

Interviewing Cinematographer Matt De Sousa Part I – His Thoughts on Shooting in Japan, Advice for Directors, and His Passion for Food

The cinematographer reflects on launching his career in Japan. Plus, his hot tip for finding cool locations in Tokyo. Matt De Sousa is a Tokyo-based cinematographer who has worked with the likes of Etihad Airways and AirBnB, as well as musical artists including Gorillaz collaborator Kilo Kish. Uniquely, he is a self-taught director of photography […]