Students on Making the Short Film

Why You Should Take a Course at ELFS

We are about to enter a transitional phase in the film school’s history as we move into a bigger, better premises, so have taken a moment to reflect on why we think what we do is awesome.

You will Learn Stuff

This is fairly self-explanatory. Our tutors are all experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds. Learn from screenwriter Matthew Allen what classical unities are, or the significance of portraiture in filmic storytelling from our head tutor, Rory O’Donnell. For practical courses, we provide the equipment, the space, and the actors when required.

We Are Practical

Students Getting Hands On Practical Filmmaking Experience

No text or exercise books with us. We like to get you on your feet. Our headline course, Making the Short Film, takes you through the process of making a short film, by literally getting you to make a short film. Rotate crew positions to learn what each role involves. And on our screenwriting course, you are given weekly writing tasks to complete, on which you can receive feedback from the tutor and your peers.

We Are Personal

Rory O'Donnell Teaching Making the Short Film in Tokyo

Sure, you could buy an in-depth online course on filmmaking; they are countless and of a very high quality. But you won’t be able to ask the teacher any questions, and neither will you have any classmates to get to know. We like to go for a drink after class so we can find out each other, our projects, and our passions. Networking is so important in the filmmaking world, and former students have gone on to work on each other’s films.

You Don’t Have to Spend Years With Us

We specialise in short courses, usually a series of evenings, or a weekend, rather than taking up large chunks of your precious time. We believe in giving you the practical information you need to get out and actually make your films, rather than taking you through a three- or four-year long degree programme that slowly drip feeds you tiny morsels of training at a time.

We like to think we are open and honest

Students on Making the Short Film

Unlike many film schools, we don’t promise you the moon. We don’t pretend that you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with Roger Deakins the moment you finish one of our courses, and we won’t suggest that you will instantly find industry employment either. We know how tough the film world is. However, we do believe in empowering filmmakers to get their projects made, and we do believe in the quality of our teaching. So much so that we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Should you feel that by the end of the course that you have learned absolutely nothing of value, you can come in and talk to us for a full refund.

Students on Making the Short Film in Tokyo

Making the Short Film

Join our course, Making the Short Film and this could be you pictured shooting a project. Learn the essentials of directing and storytelling over three evenings and a weekend. You will be taught by our founder and head tutor, Rory O’Donnell, and be given the opportunity to work practically with your classmates on actually making a short film.

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