Making the Short Film – Behind the Scenes Part 2

Last week’s blogpost took you behind the scenes of the preparation process for Making the Short Film. This week, we’d like to share a few photos from the actual filming and post-production process. The students spent the whole day at the ELFS Japan Studio with two actors, taking turns directing their assigned scenes as well as rotating between other roles such as camera, lighting, sound, artistic direction, and continuity.


Director going over the script with the actor before shooting


Getting that low shot as a team.


Communication is key during a film shoot.


A film director controls the film’s artistic and dramatic aspects of the screenplay. Here we have the Director showing the actors exactly how she envisions this particular scene.


After reviewing the context of the scene with the actors and his crew, the director gets back behind the camera before calling, “Action!”


The team and Rory work with an editor to review the takes and develops the final edit of the short film.

We’d like to thank our actors, Ron and Paula for spending the hot, humid day with our students. Also, thank you to Aya for helping us out as the editor on Sunday. This was our first time running Making the Short Film at our new office/studio space and we are very pleased that the space served us well! We are already planning ahead for the next Making the Short Film workshop so keep you eyes on our website and social media!

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