Making the Short Film – Behind the Scenes Part 1

This week we welcomed six students from all walks of life to take part in the Making the Short Film workshop.

We spent three nights during the week getting to know one another, learning about scripts, getting familiar with the basics of filming, working with actors; all in preparation for Saturday when each of the students will take part in the entire process of filming a short film.

We wanted to share a few photos to give you a behind the scene look at our weekday evening classes.

Rory O’Donnell welcoming the six students to the wonderful world of making short films.


Going over the basics of operating a simple dSLR camera for filming.


Discussing the shot for a scene filming practice, where students were put in pairs to film a scene that consists of two lines and a particular theme. Here we have the “camera-woman” on the left sharing her vision to the “director” and the two “male actors”.


A separate director-cameraman team getting ready for their shot. The “director” instructs to the actor how he would like the scene to go, and the “cameraman” getting technical assistance from Rory.


On this evening we brought the two actors that will be joining the students during the Saturday shoot. We spent the evening going over each scene and making adjustments based on the ideas of the director that is assigned to that scene.

On the next post we’ll share some photos from the shooting day so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Click on the link below for Part 2 of Making the Short Film – Behind the Scenes!

Making the Short Film – Behind the Scenes Part 2


If you’d like to take part on this very hands-on workshop that teaches you the ins and outs of filmmaking, we have dates set for September and October. Space is limited so secure a spot today!

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Trailer to “Paleonaut” below:

Paleonaut Trailer from Eric McEver on Vimeo.

Finally, if you have been interested in the “Screenwriting for Beginners” 5-week course but for whatever reason your schedule didn’t allow you the chance to enroll in the weeknight course, we bring to you a weekend version of this workshop in September! On September 15th (Sat) an September 16th (Sun), award-winning screenwriter Matt Allen will give you the run down on everything you need to know about becoming a screenwriter. Details about the weekend “Screenwriting for Beginners” course can be found here. Also check out our previous blog where we interviewed Matt.

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