Five Short Films from Short Shorts Theater Online

This week I wanted to share short films that are currently available to stream on the Short Shorts Online Theater. You do have to register in order to stream the short films but I highly recommend you to do so to watch some of the best short films for free. Here are five short films that were uploaded recently. The first four have limited streaming availability so check them out now! (Click on image to take you to the streaming page for each film.)

Silence Please / お静かに (2017)

Director: Carlos Villafaina

Country: Spain

Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA 2018 Audience Award

Silent Please is based on a true story. The actor that plays Javier, Dani’s brother with cerebal palsy, is director Carlos Villafaina’s actual younger brother. Villafaina dedicates this short film to families with loved ones that require extra care; those who feel are not allowed to talk about the challenging situation that society puts them through; and, at the end of the day, it’s family love that allows us to keep moving forward despite the challenges.

(Available to stream until October 26, 2018)


Offside / オフサイド (2006)


Director: Guy Nattiv & Erez Tadmor

Country: Israel

Manhattan Short Film Festival 2006 Best Short Film Award
Short Short Film Festival & ASIA 2007

The live radio commentary of an exciting soccer match rambles on as four guns points at each other from both sides of the fence of a war torn region. There are no words spoken between the four soldiers; the live commentators unknowingly provide the dramatic play-by-play of soldiers that are staring into the barrels of their enemies’ guns.

(Available to stream until November 1, 2018)


Rise of a Star / スター誕生 (2017)

Director: James Bort

Country: France

Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA in YOKOHAMA Commemorative Film

Emma is about to be chosen as the Prima Ballerina for Ravel’s iconic “Bolero” at the prestigious Bolchoi Theater, but she has a secret that may undermine everything she has worked for her whole life. The line spoken by Oscar nominated Catherine Deneuve at the end of the film is sure to give strength to those who are told they have to give up something in order to succeed. “Don’t believe them. Don’t listen to them.”

(Available to stream until November 15, 2018)


An Early Summer ある夏の始まりに (2012)

Director: Lu Lu
Country: USA

Genre: Drama

This is a story of two young Chinese immigrants looking for new opportunities in the United States. One has been in the US for a while and looking for a final chance before returning to China, while the other is just starting a new life in a new country. The director, Lu Lu states that the Chinese children who grew up under the Chinese One-Child Policy (which has since relaxed in 2013) often go out to other countries to seek education and a career carrying the weight of their family’s expectations and future. An Early Summer portrays two characters that make a connection based on shared identity but are also on a separate, lonely path to find what’s best for themselves and their family.

(Available to stream until November 30, 2018)

Orbit Ever After
軌道の上の恋 (2013)

Director: Jamie Magnus Stone

Country: United Kingdom

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (who made his film debut in the 2003 film Love Actually), stars in Orbit Ever After as Nigel, a young man who lives with his family in a spacecraft that orbit around Earth. One day, as he is spacewalking, he catches a glimpse of a young women that glides by in another spacecraft and instantly falls in love. Are you willing to sacrifice everything to spend that one moment with your true love?

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