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Introduction to Screenwriting

July 6 @ 7:00 pm - July 20 @ 10:00 pm

Brad Freeman - Screenwriting Tokyo

CLASS POSTPONED – New dates coming soon

Taught over three nights through activities, discussions, and practical exercises, this online screenwriting course is designed to introduce simple, reliable writing techniques that build up the confidence and skills required to take a great screenplay idea and bring it to life! Whether just starting out or hitting a wall with a current script, this course offers something for everyone.

Topics covered include:

  • Writing characters the audience cares about
  • Building a workable outline
  • Writing memorable dialogue
  • Subverting cliches and using themes
  • Formatting rules
  • Scripting a scene
  • Creating a treatment via story beats
  • When to rewrite and what to focus on

Practical activities are featured throughout. Homework will be assigned after each class to maximize techniques learned and help bring screenwriters closer to their finished manuscript.

Act 1: Characters & Structure

Class 1 introduction:

Through key concepts and practical approaches, students will practice effective methods behind character creation, story structure, and outlining their screenplay.

  • (Lead) Character Creation
  • Underdogs, Friends, and Villains
  • Genre Expectations
  • 3 Acts or 5 Acts?
  • Adapting Japanese Storytelling Techniques
  • Outlining With Confidence

Act 2: Templates, Themes & Dialogue

Class 2 introduction:

Focusing on core topics such as dialogue, themes, and characters arcs, students will discover confidence in their own voice as they learn essential elements in creating original, rewarding screenplays.

  • Hero’s Journey VS. The Story Wheel
  • To Arc…Or Not?
  • When To Add The Theme
  • Hooks: Dramatic Irony, The Ticking Clock, and more
  • Subverting Cliches and Tropes
  • Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue
  • Your Style VS. Audience Need
  • Creating “Spielberg Moments” And Writing A Memorable Scene

Act 3: Mechanics & The Full Script

Class 3 introduction:

In this final class, students will discover the practical techniques behind developing a troublesome treatment into a successful script, formatting, pacing, and more!

  • Treatments and Elevator Pitches
  • Plot Beats and Post-it Notes
  • Rules of Formatting
  • The Novel VS. The Screenplay
  • Scripting A Scene:
  • The Intent
  • Starting From The Middle
  • How To Write Action
  • When To Write Nothing
  • Working On Two Scripts To Save One
  • Rules of Rewriting
  • Finishing Touches

Course Dates

  • Tuesday 7th April – Week 1
  • Monday 13th April – Week 2
  • Wednesday 22nd April – Week 3

About Brad Freeman

Brad FreemanBorn in New Zealand and based in Tokyo, Bradley Freeman was responsible for writing and directing several short and feature length films, as well as working behind the scenes on the big budget 2007 Japanese film, Dororo.

The author of three novels, and with 12+ years of experience in Japan, Bradley’s classes are designed to introduce realistic, practical exercises to increase confidence and help screenwriters make progress on their work.


July 6 @ 7:00 pm
July 20 @ 10:00 pm
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